Have you ever wondered why a lot of tours shore excursions can be a real let down? We did. Which is why we launched MTG.

Our Family emigrated From the United Kingdom to Manta, Ecuador over 10 years ago. One by one more family members have moved out to join us and now we are 12 people and 4 generations of gringos on the equator. Our decision to settle down in Manta was not made overnight. We visited Ecuador many times as tourists first. Unfortunately, the tour experiences we tried did not meet our expectations especially when accompanied by visiting family and friends form the UK. It can be so disappointing to book a day out only to discover poor organization, bad customer service or run down attractions. What was needed was somewhere to bring together the sort of places we wanted to visit, to eat in and spend the day.

A directory of some of the finest places to eat, sleep and visit in Manta and Manabi. And here we are. This site is a carefully handpicked collection of fabulous places to go with your friends and family. Everywhere on the site has been checked out by our family of expats. Only the best earn our “EXPAT APPROVED TOP QUALITY” seal.

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Eco-tourism & Conservation Work

Combining eco-tourism with conservation work allows MTG to support the local economy and wildlife. We are working in direct collaboration with various non-profit organizations currently implementing wildlife monitoring programs designed to survey local populations. We also work closely with local produces of Coffee, Chocolate, Panama Hats and Artisan goods to ensure they get a fair deal. We donate a healthy share of our profits to local Non profit organizations. For us it is important to give back to the community that has welcomed us with open arms.

Transparency and Buyer Protection

We have been charged “precio del gringo” enough times to know it hurts. We only work with collaborators that display their prices on their products and proudly charge the same value to all their customers. To see our Refunds, Canelation and Discount Policy please click here.

High Standard of Quality & Safety

The expertise our staff has acquired over the years allows us to offer a high standard of quality and safety of our excursions. Our extensive experience in the hospitality industry has not only given us an in-depth understanding of how to design a perfect excursion, it has helped us to turn our MTG experiences into a fulfilling experience from start to finish.

The MTG Way

Our enthusiasm is infectious, and will ensure that you get the very best from your Manta experience. If we are going to do it, it must be the best there is. We’ll show you why we chose Manta for our new home.