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– Welcome to Manta Tour Guides! Your adventure starts here with the best Manta Ecuador tours designed to provide unforgettable experiences. Whether you are drawn by the call of the ocean, the allure of local traditions, or the taste of exotic flavors, Manta Tour Guides offers an array of adventures that cater to every type of traveler. Explore the stunning landscapes, rich culture, and vibrant history of Manta, Ecuador with our expert local guides who are passionate about sharing the beauty and secrets of our coastal paradise. From the golden beaches and lush rainforests to the bustling markets and artisanal villages, your journey with us will be filled with discovery and delight. 

Popular Manta Ecuador Tours

We regurlarly sell out our tours on cruise ship days so be sure to book in advance 

For travelers who want to get the best deals, but refuse to compromise on quality or security, Manta Tour Guides is the place to come. The site is packed with wonderful tourist friendly shore excursions and places to visit, eat and have an amazing time. We emigrated from the UK over 10 years ago and we know what you’re looking for.

We always put you first, but the quality of our Shore Excursions and Tour locations are a very close second. We won’t tolerate establishments that merely tolerate tourist travelers. They have to excel in Service and Quality, or we leave them out.

Why Choose Manta Tour Guides?

• Personalized Tours: Tailored to meet your interests and schedule.

• Local Expertise: Guided by knowledgeable locals who know Manta inside out.

• Safety First: Committed to providing safe and enjoyable tours.

Shore Excursions

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